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Tax Opinions

In our efforts to assist our clients by limiting their tax liabilities to the bare minimum allowed by law, Jozwiak Law has prepared innumerable tax opinions, income and estate tax returns.

If you are considering a financial decision at this time that will have a significant impact on your financial status, such as the sale of real estate or the settlement of a lawsuit involving a monetary judgment, there may be some huge implications that will affect your future taxes. The government has recently implemented new rules and regulations pertaining to personal injury settlements, in particular, which could also affect your case dramatically. Proper preparation of the settlement before hand can help you to minimize, or eliminate altogether, what could have been a very large tax bill.

The age-old axiom "Penny wise and dollar foolish" should never enter into the equation when dealing with issues relative to the Internal Revenue Service. If you are now preparing to file a return for a period wherein you have had some complicated transactions occurring, Jozwiak Law can help you to either prepare or review your tax return. The liabilities that can be incurred for such complicated claims can be astronomical, so never take these matters lightly.

Jozwiak Law would also like you to consider having us help you prepare or review any estate tax returns, as you will most probably be emotionally affected by the recent death of a family member or friend at that time. It is essential at stressful and complicated times like this to have an unbiased advocate at your side that you know you can entrust with your financial concerns.

In conclusion, if you ever feel that a dispute could possibly arise between yourself and the Internal Revenue Service, you should have an experienced and competent firm representing you from preparation through settlement. It is always advisable to be fully prepared, so you are best able to avoid unnecessary assessments and penalties if the Tax Court decides to agree with the position prosecuted by the Internal Revenue Service or some other authority.

If you feel that any of this applies to you or your situation, do not hesitate to call us for an appointment.

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