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Family and Business Law

Jozwiak Law understands that family and business matters are sensitive and serious matters, and they need to be handled with the utmost discretion and detail. In order to accomplish these goals, an attorney given these responsibilities needs to be well versed in accounting and tax law, or they should consult with someone who is. In this way, every facet of the case will be handled diligently and the outcome will be of the greatest benefit to the client. All aspects of the issues need to be reviewed and plotted out before any final conclusion is reached in regard to how to proceed with the case.

Whether you are involved in a hotly contested marital dispute involving child custody, child or spousal support, or the division of assets and property, feel confident in our ability to help you navigate them all. If protections are needed through a pre or post nuptial agreement, these are also the services that we provide, for the proper resolution of important accounting and tax issues.

Whether yours is a big corporation that's doing millions of dollars in trade a year, or a modest family run operation, you can benefit from our experience and knowledge. We offer tax and accounting subject matter, analytical and procedural know how, that can favorably increase the value of your settlement without further increasing the cost to any of the parties involved. Jozwiak Law can achieve all of this through proper planning and guidance, and by working step by step and hand in hand with our clients.

If you feel that any of this applies to you or your situation, do not hesitate to call us for an appointment .

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